The fight about cars

8 Sep

Setting: this morning in the car, when I spy a nice Triumph 4-door sedan

Me: I really love those cars and the Rovers. I would love to get one.
Husband: they would be far too expensive to maintain.
Me (in incredulous tone): They would not.
Husband: they would
Me: Oh shut up, you miser. You’re just like your father and dismiss cars before even thinking about it. They would be easier and cheaper to maintain than newer crappier cars. You know nothing about cars. I know more about cars than you do.

Amoir gets out of car at normal spot, walks to work and remembers she doesn’t know how to drive a car.

Were there more time in which to “earnestly discuss and workshop the matter”, I would have de-evolved into a shrill cry of “Oh yeah? My dad can totally beat up your dad so stick that in your pipe and smoke it!”

Edited to add that my father agreed with me that a) I was being an iijit, b) I do know as much if not a bit more about cars than the husband, c) they would be relatively cheap to maintain and d) that at 6’4″ to father-in-law’s 5’5″, my dad would totally wail on him.

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