Le Petit Mort

12 Sep

I went to a fantastic lunch yesterday with a bunch of people I didn’t know. I sat in quiet and enjoyable envy as I met wonderful person after wonderful person and revisited lively, referenced and fun conversations. They were all adorable, interesting and intelligent. And, in a trivial act of kinship, we all smoked the same cigs – Peter Stuyvesant Lights (which I must admit I only smoke [and not the stronger, more biting smoke up] in deference to the Husband who has not fallen off the wagon like myself). I returned home, crestfallen at the thought of not seeing them for a while.

A site that was referred to me in conversation there was beautifulagony.com, an act of voyeurism on le petit mort. It’s a fascinating hijack into others’ sex lives or, in reality, an amusing invitation to view the exhibitionism and inhibition of others. Naturally, one has to pay to view their complete collection which reminds us all that forced intimacy normally comes at a cost.

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