Furniture from the Fringe

9 Oct

The best friend and I went to go and view “Furniture From the Fringe”, a collection at the Melbourne Museum of pieces from designers locally and abroad.

While some pieces appeared ill-conceived or badly executed, there were some standout pieces that we fell in love with.

I should note that I didn’t take down the names of any the designers or their creations because I am lazy.

This piece was in the lighting section and tested every fibre of our civic duty to not wave our hands through the tendrils. Made from styrofoam packing noodles threaded around a light, the piece takes the dreamy character of a jellyfish.

Wibble Wobble Minx
Cheeky, gorgeous and fun. I want it right now.

The table that dare not speak its name
This photo does not do the table any justice whatsoever. It is utter perfection, stunning. Each piece of wood (K thought spotted gum) was chosen with the utmost of care and the finish was so mirror perfect and smooth. The colour was absolutely amazing – like sheets of copper. I am in love (and snuck in a grope when no one was looking).

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