Buying art to take drugs to.

15 Nov

I picked up this piece the other day from the fine folk at Outre Gallery. It’s entitled “Takadanobaba on Acid” and is by the delightful husband and wife team known as kozyndan (aka rabbit worriers). Click the image for full size fun. Or here.

Is it wrong to buy a piece based solely for its potential while actually under acid? I get lost in it even now and can’t wait to explore it further.

Mind you, this is the same person who spent 3 hours enraptured with Blue Poles.

Amoir’s super fun list of Art to take drugs to:

  • Takadanobaba on Acid (naturally)
  • Warhol’s Mao series
  • Pollock’s Blue Poles

Amoir’s don’t take drugs when viewing this work list:

  • Anything by Goya
  • or Bosch
  • or even Bacon for that matter.

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