17 Nov

How is it that we have become adrift in a tsunami of information? The communication demands on us are akin to Japanese Tea Rituals in their complexity and redundancy. If you want a cuppa, make it. Communication works on the model sender + message + reciever = meaning exchange. Problem is we seem to be adding so much more to the equation: sender + motive + hourly need to mouth off + political/social objective + reciever (or whoever is standing about) = nothing.

People no longer communicate in a natural and meaningful way. It’s all subtext and motive. We seem to only communicate, especially in a professional context, when we are trying to hide a message or have no message to convey. In artistic endeavours, the techniques are crucial to propel and add depth to narrative but in the everyday non-artistic world all they seek to do is add noise to the maelstrom.

In the meantime, documentation builds up to an insane level. The dream of the paperless office goes off to live in Lemuria or Atlantis and I’m sitting here wondering how to convey the same simple message (but with added “depth”) to five different documents that all do the same thing but are required for scrutiny.

Did everyone else get the memo to make verbs redundant and not me?

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