Ashamed to be Australian

13 Feb

Yup, read this reactionary, ill-informed heave of manure and ponder whether the nation’s best and brightest are in charge: We may become a Muslim nation: Vale (The Age Online).

There are, naturally, many aspects to this:

1. “We are aborting ourselves almost out of existence” with the threat that Australia will become a Muslim nation is , to my mind, possibly the cheapest and most degrading argument I have ever heard. It is filled with the always scary combination of hate and ignorance.

2. If the Howard Govt (and particularly Tony Abbot) are that keen to redress what they see as a crisis in our population rate then stop penalising those accessing assistive reproduction technologies.

3. To strip away the issue to its core is simple in my, admittedly sleep deprived and cantankerous mind: this is about who decides what drugs are introduced into the nation. Surely the best people to decide that are industry experts and not those who cannot separate church from state or court votes from particular factions?

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