Seagull: from the not so cute files.

1 Mar
In the car on the weekend and drove into a carpark. The tail bit of the car (you know, bottom of the bumper wotsit*) hit the driveway.
The Seagull’s response? "Fuck!" Delivered dead-on in a ‘strine faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark. In fact, EXACTLY like a seagull.
No. Don’t blame me. I say bugger** and crap around her and that’s it (though if she does start calling playground enemies obsequious sycophants, I will have to take the blame). She’s picked it up from the ex-husband after a particularly harried drive was interrupted by a freight train crossing. He said it twice in front of her and we can’t stop her saying it.
*Okay, I don’t drive and I don’t know what that bit is called.
**Another confession: she sang the "bugga" song in the same car ride "Oooooooh bugga, bugga, Ooooooo bugga"

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