I think I’m bigger than the sound

29 Jun

People need personal anthems in their lives. It’s a simple statement
of fact, baby. For me, it’s “Cheated Hearts” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. A
nice and direct declaration of strength, courage and independence.
Karen O is my new deity.

I’m smitten with a work mate. Not in a romantic way, just in a “you
talk purdy” way. My lord does this woman know how to flatter and,
equally as important, just how damned effective it is with me.

Exhibit A:
“Please come down to the Equitorial Pods whenever needed – we will undertake to snap the ice from your chignon and brush the hauteur from your overshoes. Who are these people who do not instantly love you? Fools! Poltroons!”

Exhibit B:
“If I am the strumpet, does that make you the madam? I like to think of you leaning on a Carrera mantel, weighed down with rubies, gesturing with your cheroot at the coy parade of content producers (‘and this one, gentlemen, Oriental Lilly: what she don’t know about
the Asia-Pac don’t bear knowing…’)”

She normally refers to me as La Grigia (my name in Italian), Plus she gives me sobranies (sweet and smooth french cigarettes). I find these are more than adequate after the hot flushes of such
brilliantly literary flattery…

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