I’ll do anything to avoid working…

2 Jul

Like playing random rules:

  1. Lost in the Supermarket, The Clash. My bottom lip juts out whenever I think of Joe Strummer, even though it’s Hatful Jones singing this track…
  2. Wear your love like heaven, Definition of Sound. Oh, just try to NOT dance to this….
  3. Surfin Bird, The Spazzys. I almost cried with excitement when I saw the title on the CD. Then realised it wasn’t the Trashmen track I had hoped for….
  4. Drew Got Shot, Scud Mountain Boys. A teary track perfect for those days where you are utterly defeated and adrift…
  5. Blue Orchid, the White Stripes. Hmmm, certainly not the best track from Get Behind Me Satan, but can easily find a home when feeling snippy.
  6. Darkside Lights, Ash. I have nothing to say…just a dreamy smile…
  7. Odd Beliefs, Bill Hicks. An amusing rumination from the great man on the peculiarity of religious symbols and beliefs.
  8. Possibly Maybe (Lucy Mix), Bjork. Best. Hookup. And. Breakup. Song. Ever. 100% FACT. I have a small EP crammed with Possibly Maybe remixes and never tire of them. Bjork is the original goddess.
  9. For Tomorrow, Blur. I still remember being near concussed from the brilliance of this song on first listen. Though I was millions of miles away from the estates of Cool Britannia, it still fit in with my housing commission rental made from concrete in which freezing cold would soak into what was left of my body after months of living on rice and soy sauce (or the Viet Cong diet, as my father called it).
  10. Narc, Interpol. Sexy, sexy, sexy. How can your happy place not be stoked when Paul Banks sings “touch your thighs, I’m the lonely one?” or “let’s tend to the engine tonight”. Then he starts soaring through the chorus only to whip you into a frenzy with “you should be in my space”. The guitarwork touches me in my happy place. The remix is even more intimate. Excuse me, I need to find the smelling salts…

In other news, this site thinks my celeb lookalikes are Natalie Imbruglia, Monica Bellucci, Eva Longoria, Halle Berry and an array of Indian and Asian actresses. Here’s to another five years of wrinkling out beta issues in facial recognition software!

2 Responses to “I’ll do anything to avoid working…”

  1. Simpsonslover July 4, 2006 at 3:31 am #

    This is just a gueeeeess….. but….. does the Interpol song stir your loins?

  2. Amoir July 4, 2006 at 8:11 pm #

    Like a mixmaster on high…

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