Why is the letter red?

10 Jul

Rolling access schedules are strange. I’ve had two weekends without the Seagull and the yearning just exacerbates during that time. Despite that, I have this upcoming weekend with her and cannot wait. We’ll go traipsing through the city like vagabonds where I’m sure there will be sobs and shrieks to be shared. We’ll visit our friends los vendedores de la fruta y del vehículo and seek out parks and diversions. She’ll bark orders and squeal out “I’m running! I’m running!”

I miss her.

So as a send off to my Seagull-free weekends, I met up with a delightful old friend, aka the Shrew, yesterday and we teetered about the city. Lingered over coffee, ambled over to see a marvellous poster exhibit (where, excitedly, I ran into the egg donor couple: they’re having a boy in about 12 weeks!), pillaged a second hand book market (Rousseau’s Social Contract, Campbell’s Jung Read and Ted Hughes’ poetry with some fun books for Seagull), ran into Shrew’s friends, stumbled into an Eames furniture exhibit and descended into a design market where the amiably affected purchased curious objects as a dj spun.

Bliss. Again, I say bliss. But I can’t wait for next weekend. Or to the burlesque that I received an invite to…

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