Red Letter Day

12 Aug

It’s been the most wonderful weekend with the Seagull and the weekend I’ve wanted to give her for ages. We’ve tumbled about the local village, there were trips to the pharmacy where we learned the importance of accessorising, trips to the grocer where we met the wife who told us her life story and beat ours out of us, and parks to visit after taking in a spot of breakfast (I don’t care who you are but no one in their right mind is going to willingly share their pain au chocolat with a 2 year old. Fruit for her.)

She has delighted in everything and there has been a complete lack of tantrums this time around. So loving and eager to crack jokes (or, in the latest phase, admonish you for being silly). Her sense of humour has flourished and she lives to squeal with laughter and seek out yours.

Yesterday as she sat on her trike (with parent handle so I can do all the pushing), we passed a young couple brunching on the sidewalk. With the trike up in wheelie position, she flashed the couple her cheesiest grin, gave them a Fonz thumbs up and squealed out “I did it!”. Only 2 and already hammier than hammertime.

Today will be a little bit quieter as we burble about the house – me trying to clean up, her trying to mess it up. We’ll have a picnic by the banks of the Yarra and I’ll keep on pinching myself to see if this is all a dream.

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