Alcohol becalms the itchy feet

16 Aug

Though the Japan sojourn is still in intinery infancy, I’ve already decided on the next two trips:

  • Cuba, to drink mojitos and smoke cigars
  • Sweden (& Scandinavia), incidently home to Absolut (my second fave vodka because I cannot afford Grey Goose).

Given that part of Japan’s trails will be spent in Sapporo to drink my favourite beer from my favourite brewery, it seems rather apparent my travel plans are all alcohol-soaked. Thank goodness the alcohol erases all concerns regarding the appropriateness of these choices.

But I must award myself some kudos for thinking about planning a trip to Cuba before even visiting Japan…Travel ADD, well, I’m kinda a lil bit proud about that.

In other exciting news, today is the final day of the secondment! I am celebrating with cigars and 50% proof scotch up on the rooftop with a workmate followed by a visit to the nearby pub.

This reminds me of a story recounted by a friend, alpha male in a legendary share house den of iniquity. A cockatoo lived over the road, inexplicably named Gregory. Gregory enjoyed nothing more than escaping his cage and taking a tour of the neighbourhood, much to the nervous and vocal consternation of his owners.

Cue one day my friend discovering Gregory in his backyard strutting and screeching “GREGORY IS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, GREGORY IS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”


Thank god I have the next two days off. The effusive complimenter refers to this as a “fourkend”, once again, a sign of her brilliance.

(p.s. my win for today? Including a picture of the Hindenberg Disaster in my Project Update presentation. Some days it’s just too fun.)

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