How to be an idiot the Amoir way

20 Aug
  1. go to the Asian Supermarket next door to Chinatown
  2. when it’s at its busiest
  3. mill about like a gawping tourist
  4. grab at random things that take your fancy (but wisely put back that $5 tin of stock, oh you restrained one)
  5. work out just what the fuck you can make out of 1 daikon radish, can of Pocari Sweat, multipack of miso soup and bag of frozen cuttlefish balls

Today was notable for a foray into that blurred area known as Carlton North/North Fitzroy/Princes Hill (always disorientating for someone as geographically dyslexic as I) to visit with the lovely Shrew. We sat on her porch and tested whether pain au chocolat has medicinal properties (naturally, yes), took photos and exchanged Japan itineries. She was also kind enough to move the pasteries out of harm’s way from a Pesky Heart-Pouring (patent pending).

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