Lazy days and strange nights…

10 Sep

After an exceedingly strange, healing and somewhat bittersweet evening that saw me return at 7:30am, I meandered the city. It really is my antidote for all that ails. A cheeky brekky, leisurely coffee outside in the flitting sun with the new edition of the Monthly and then a spot of pretentious chin stroking at the gallery. I should remember to always take my camera with me whenever I head out the front door – there is so much I don’t want to lose sight of between the blinks.

It’s onwards, it’s upwards, it’s around and around, it’s pause for a cuppa and gasp before hauling around again…

I think I’m developing a small obsession for the work of John Brack.

Have just recieved an email from Mrs and Mr Shrew on the fifth day of their Nipponese amblings and am feeling like someone’s slathered me in Dulux hi-gloss green I am so jealous. Tentacle porn and robot lobsters, people! I feel quite certain that a land so teeming with neurosis, ADD and fetish is my spiritual homeland. My turn is far too long away…

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