There’s just no telling…

11 Sep

Really, there is neither rhyme nor reason as to what will endear someone to this black heart of mine. Naturally, I have a type – sinewy chaps with dark hair, blue eyes and pale skin – but there needs to be something more, something a little bit different.

Most people wouldn’t necessarily think gleeful eccentrics in search of adrenaline and endorphins sprinting down Flinders St would fit into this type.

They’d (and I’d) be wrong.

Oh, I thought, he’ll be running for this tram. Or perhaps there’s an emergency.

But no.

He’d occasionally pause, taking a leisurely stroll, before bursting into another sprint and race the tram alongside him. Only a few people on the tram bothered to watch this confounding display.

Absolutely hatstand, he was. What a delight.

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