In search of verve

14 Sep

Oh that pesky malaise, how it lingers like a slumbering Sonny von Bulow supine on a chaise longue. Days are spent trudging through quicksand, each step heavier than the last, bones creaking and energy depleting.

I have no idea how to replenish myself. I flatter myself with plans, pills and boxes of organic groceries but they fall by the wayside. Were I a doctor, I would prescribe a housemaid, couchrest, a pack a day habit and jam toast (it’s the sugar carb combo I think the world’s overlooked).

A fleeting charming chap could also feature in that prescription. I do believe anything more than sporadic doses would be toxic due to risk of infection from prolonged exposure (one of which the Schnootle refers to as “Sexually Transmitted Friends”, once again, genius, but it highlights how fraught this area can be), but if taken in the right dose, it could be quite the tonic.

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