Personal space

28 Sep

There’s no place like personal space to unfurl and blossom. A spot to feel the comfort to stretch out with your thoughts, allowing the mind to wander aimlessly or just let yourself breathe. As a militant introvert, I need space more than a crack whore needs a fix.

Amoir’s high five of personal spaces:

  1. Bathtub – the number one spot for childish ruminations.
  2. Cafe – revelations arrive as thick and fast as the biscotti.
  3. The train- believe it or not, the train is a brilliant place for meditation.
  4. Walking – walk anywhere, preferably with headphones on (because I’ve forgotten how towithout them) and wallow in the morass of free association.
  5. Bed – meditation and dreaming.

At the moment, I’m not getting the time I’m used to and the time I am getting is lost to squander. Even when I meditate I feel the crush of encroaching space (I mustn’t be focusing). I’m dreaming of alone time. A weekend of no contact. Just one day spent in gleeful silence.

Tonight’s celebrity crush: Ed Norton. Preferably with sleazy goatee or in Fight Club mode (mmmmm)

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