Reasons why you shouldn’t be the only woman at lunch with menfolk

2 Oct

The conversation consisted of:

  1. Blow jobs
  2. Spit Roasts (or London Bridge, if you’re a fan of Fergie’s work)
  3. Skateboards
  4. Bikes
  5. Arcane Baywatch subplots
  6. Kraft Cheese Slices

Having just baulked at a co-worker’s jest to start a Friday beer and porn club, I’ve been derided as a “prissy princess”. Excuse me while I arch my eyebrow as I mark the remark in stone (because it’s the only damn time I’ve heard it). Oh, how more women are needed in this area to even out the hormones.

The Seagull and I had another stellar weekend. It was so good, in fact, that I’m worried I’m spoiling her and that her expectations may grow out of step with the world’s reality.

On Saturday we scootered through the Grand Final foot traffic to the local Library. The ‘gull made a few friends and I met up with a workmate whilst nearly caving under the weight of all we wished to borrow. The afternoon and evening were whiled away with building, reading and Opera, quite the heady combination and time was punctuated with hugs and kisses.

Sunday we snuggled in bed with our biblio-booty before taking in a leisurely brunch at a sun-filled cafe. For once, the Seagull was content to sit and drink in the sun and sights, not to mention the blood red orange juice I mixed with San Pellegrino as she obsessively re-buttered her toast.

Just walking in this city is amazing at the moment. The air is crisp and seductive, whipping around your waist and tickling your limbs.

In the afternoon, we saw some acrobats perform in a city space for free. They jumped and leaped and laughed and danced skywards suspended by rope. She was entranced and emerged from the secure cocoon of my hug to jump around in reply to their antics. Personally, I was busy thinking of the many uses one would find for the broadly sculptured acrobat, a pleasantly and genially faced Hephaestus-type, the sort whose sentences you’d imagine would begin with “yeah nah” and end with “n’stuff”. Such pleasant internal digressions left me with an irrepressible smile for the rest of the afternoon.

And, to cap it all off, we swam in the pool whilst watching the sun set over the city as the lights began to twinkle and shine. Though the opportunities are thinner on the ground, it is truly amazing to share a world of firsts with her and see her delight in every new experience. She clung to my arms, kicked her gorgeous feet and breathily exclaimed “I swimming in the ocean!”

The world we’re living in is amazing. Our life is so very blessed. And yet I fear I won’t always be able to be this generous, especially when life is in marked contrast for others. I just don’t know how to balance it.

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