We’re all goin’ on a seagull holiday

6 Oct

Yes, I do believe it’s time to make a traveller out of my toddler. Currently, I’m scouting destinations and scouring for where my sanity went for thinking of such an idea.

I would like to go to Wallis & Futuna, however, such a destination would not be great for a non-driving lass with a seagull. So, I’m looking at other island destinations where the small lass can enjoy being tethered to a long leash on a stick, while I kick back with the mojitos and bask in the quality family time.

I think those French islands will have to wait another day for me…as I add them onto the ever-expanding dream itinery. Though, I am heading interstate for a culture immersion next month to visit with some lovely friends and bask in galleries.

One Response to “We’re all goin’ on a seagull holiday”

  1. Jazzizz-nuts-in-the-rain October 7, 2006 at 11:27 pm #

    No, best not take the ‘gull til she can pronounce Lake Lalolalo proficiently…. that rules me out til I’m 45 then. I’m going to have to practice.Lilolol…. no, wait. Lallo. FUCK. It’s like trying to say Lilydale three times. Really fast.

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