I know people.

7 Oct

Last night’s fun discovery: visiting the beautician while drunk makes waxing soooooo much more bearable.

Recently the Purdy Jane and I popped off for a working lunch. And by working, I mean none, and by lunch, I mean champagne.

We stopped at one of those areas losing the bloom of working class romanticism now dappling the rouge of gentrification. You know the sort: the main street has a plethora of noodle bars, cafe/bars and giftshops with one solitary and divinely tacky $2 shop plugging away earnestly.

So, there we sat quaffing and kvetching (topic point: what do you do when you only have $20 in the bank and payday is an age away?) when I kept disrupting the conversation to go up and greet people I knew walking by.

“I swear, I know no one else living in this suburb”, I apologised as I sat back down.
“Oh sure, it’s all very Sex and the City, isn’t it? In five seconds you’ll pop up again and you’ll be all ‘Marty Scorcese, how are ya?'”
“Marty S, you ol’ dog! Where’s Bobby?”
“Marty, come here and pour sugar in mah bowl!”
“Parker Posey, come here you fat fuck!…”

2 Responses to “I know people.”

  1. Simpsonslover October 7, 2006 at 11:28 pm #

    “Git yer hand off it, Daryl”. No? Wrong street?Damn, but you have a beautician in your workplace. I heart your job.

  2. Amoir October 8, 2006 at 11:48 am #

    No, no beautician in the workplace (though there are plans afoot – could you imagine the embarrassment of heading back to your desk with visible blotches? Me, out of proportion? Never.)

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