It’s the clip show version of blog entries

25 Oct

I’ve been meaning to post these for weeks. But I’m lazy. And self-obsessed. So, add those two together and you just get a bunch of short posts wherein I contemplate my navel.

Halloween costumes.
I adore when venerable holiday events like this come up because it’s another opportunity for me to not celebrate them with the Seagull. She’s never seen a Christmas Tree in her own home and wouldn’t have a clue about whitened chocolate wrapped in foil, people. Yes, this makes me a derelict* mother.

So it follows that Halloween is something I will also not “Do” with her. Because, let’s face it, I’m a modern career woman who’s all about the time efficiency and it’s easier to dress badly in my trakky daks on the couch with a block of lindt than it is to schlep her about dressed badly in order to get that crappy whitened chocolate wrapped in foil mentioned earlier.

HOWEVER. Should outfits like these ever become available, I will reverse that stance.

Can you imagine the Seagull begging for sugary treats with these outfits?

She would totally make a kick-arse Herve.

Credit: the always wonderful Mr Berry at RetroCrush

Concept Art
As a complicated wanker of the 00’s, I find my competing Luddite and techno-poseur ways in conflict. Thankfully Art, once again, saves the day with biting, biting I tell you, social commentary.

Meet the computer hood, destined for all those developers who wish to do away with any (ok all) social contact that inevitably becomes messy, awkward and unpixellated.

Courtesy of the BookofJoe comes news of the Ultimate Hoodie:

*I’m so sorry. I can’t stop saying derelict. Der. E. Lict. It’s endlessly amusing. Go on. Try it. See what I mean?

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