Lost in translation

20 Nov

It’s an issue when something becomes lost in translation, especially when you both speak English.

I spoke with a travel agent via email who came recommended. I mentioned I wanted to take my daughter overseas, to a nice location where she could absorb a different culture and people. The ability to toddler-harrass animals and be a direct flight under seven hours were also mentioned.

The travel agent’s response?

“As a suggestion Surfers Paradise is a good place to start,and Paradise Resort is great for the kids with kids clubs,and kids pools etc. Sea world would be an experience and the Australian Zoo just a hour 1/2 away gives contact with some animals. In my opion [sic] any asian or pacific country would not be as enjoyable for a 2 yr old as a local destination.”

Yes, I can see how that fits all my priorities. The people from the Paradise of Surfers certainly are different and have a completely different culture to that of Melbourne, it’s true, but it’s not one that I want to pursue..

Is there any area of childhood that is not consumerised, marketed and slickly packaged? It’s actually more expensive (if not more) to trudge up to Surfers and “be” entertained by the theme parks based around trained animals, mechanical rides, tv shows and hosts without the danger of leaving the country or meeting the same sort of people you’d see every other day than it is to travel to a new country filled with new experiences and amazement. Travel isn’t something that you buy, it’s something you experience.

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