Amoir: the love tour

24 Nov

Yes, the Love Tour got back on the road and I touched down in Sydney today. Ostensibly it’s to catch up with friends and absorb some kulcha, a definite irony for a lass from Melbourne.

So far, it’s what I hoped for: a chance to be “quiet” and just meander. After checking in, I went to the nearest cafe (okay, so the coffee was good) and actually did what I was meaning to do for ages – that is, actually plan what I am going to do with my time. And by plan, I mean scrawl things down on a page that would be nice to see or do. Thankfully, I won’t be able to do them all so I will pick and choose as the whim takes.

Today the whim took me from Darlinghurst (hello cute hipster stoner hotel runners!) through Kings Cross, cross the park and to the Gallery where I caught “Goddess” (one of the shows I wanted to see). It was amazing and, if you’re in Sydney, I heartily recommend it.

Here’s a quick brain dump of the amazing art whizzing through my head at the moment:
Anything by Rah Fizelle
“Central Australia” and “Drought Skeleton” by Nolan
Tigerland“, Moynihan
“The desire of his heart”, Zofrea
“Man Posing” by Lucian Freud – I finally saw a real LF up close!
“Welcome to the world famous brand 2000” LUO Brothers
“The Lemnians“, Flint
Festa: a Venetian Cafe”, Fisher
Gatti’s HUngerford Palace of Varieties: second turn of Miss Katie Lawrence”, Sickert
“Inn Keeper of Marns-La-Coquette”, Camoin
“The end of a dream”, Pennasilico
“Cleopatra”, Alma-Tadema
“Helen”, Poynter
“The Upper Nepean” and “Kosciusko” by Piguent
“Holiday in Essex” and “Important People”, Lambert
Vive l’Empereur“, Detaille

Will try to link to the actual images when I get back. They were just amazing.

After that, the smoggy humidity gave way to a bright blue sky day which meant I could take some more photographs. So there were photo ops with fruitbats and an hour burning under the reflection of Circular Quay and the Opera House. As is the case with all holidays I take, I forgot to bring my camera cord with me so photos will have to wait.

Have got a possible lead on interesting graffiti hotspots around here so hopefully I’ll have more to report tomorrow.

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