Travelling companions

25 Nov

One always requires travelling companions when on the road. In my case, such companions take the form of a black jacket (slightly shrunk by the laundry service I use), cigarettes, camera and iPod. All fairly regular things. Except the pod has Sufjan Stevens on very high rotation. So I’m going with Sufjan being a travel companion as well. Mmmmmm…

Netcafetiquette: stop looking at your neighbour’s computer to see what they’re doing. Cos they hate it. No, really.

Today has been uneventful and made me yearn for home. Highlights include seeing my first Damian Hirst, some amazing pieces by Angus Young and tripping across the Chinese garden of friendship (coming soon to melbourne: the Amoir Garden of Frenemies. You fall a lot and hear someone laughing in the distance. It’s sponsored by the Schadenfreude Times, naturally).

But, on my second day here, I’m over it. I want home. How I miss Melbourne. How I miss the alleys. God, how I miss the graffiti – this place is barren!

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