Meeting the Goddess

27 Nov

In Hero with a Thousand Faces, Campbell believed the Hero/ine would “meet with the Goddess”, thus guaranteeing their quest as a success.

I think I’m now successful. I met the Goddess today (and her delightful charge, the teddy). The first time after two years of emails, messages and phone calls. She was exactly as I expected: a gorgeous and earthy goddess who could coo and chide with equal affection. Naturally the hours spent meandering around Manly was nowhere near enough and we’ve set up another phone date. Definitely a highlight of the trip.

Speaking of highlights and goddesses, I should touch more on the amazing exhibit at NSW Gallery. The Goddess: Divine Energy exhibit was so exhilarating it’s taken time to fully process it all.

There is just so much to say about it that this post will have to be a work in progress. It was divided across a small immortal representative sample from Hinduism & Buddhism. They concentrated upon Lakshmi, Sita, Radha, Kali, Bodhisattvas, White/Green Tara and tantric knowledge.

It left me so humble and in awe, desperate to find out more, especially about Hindu’s rich legacy of literature.

It made me think of my girl, the Seagull, who is also a goddess. I cannot describe how incredibly grateful I am to have her as a daughter. I think part of my “dislike” of Sydney is the thought of how far away she is. I miss her so incredibly. However, given the Seagull is named after a goddess, should I ever have another daughter, they too will be named after, albeit different, one. I cannot wait for her hugs. Though I can do without her requests for a sister.

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