From the Seagull files

29 Nov
  • Apparently it’s completely reasonable to request “Big Book of 1000 Words” as one of three books for bedtime reading.
  • One should be made aware, repeatedly, of her status as a superhero. Named Feevol. (Edited to add it’s actually Pablo. Because I suck arse at translating Toddler)
  • When asking, again, for a sister, apparently “Grandpa” is not only suitable but the best name from a vast range of more plausible ones (see Pablo).
  • Learning how to fake illness (whimpering? Oh yes, truly a bonus).
  • Forming a deep abiding love for the “Robot show” aka Futurama. We’re probably 5 seconds away from her telling someone to bite her shiny metal ass. Oh who am I kidding? We’re only ever been 5 seconds away from that.
  • Leaning out the balcony to greet the assorted swimmers, spa-dwellers and sunbathers below with “hello bogans!” (yes, my bad).

Oh, how I’ve missed her.

One Response to “From the Seagull files”

  1. anti-bogan November 30, 2006 at 1:05 am #

    Were they the bogans that were there the day Kikz and I visited? Cos they be big bogans, baaaaaad.

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