Shit Christmas presents

30 Nov

The Seagull is beginning to learn more about cause and effect. Personally, I think this can only be enhanced by the addition of this fine toy from Mattel, Barbie Empire and quite obviously running out of ideas:
Allow me to present to you: Poop Scoopin‘ Barbie!

Aw, look at that Barbie…she’s cleaning up the dog’s poop. And the dog is…oh my, is he really eating his own crap? Oh Barbie, what a wacky world in which you and your African-American equivalent exist. Strangely, I knew of the world’s dumbest dog (a title held by all Irish Setters) who would do the same. It’s incredibly astute of Mattel to realise that a cat is not going anywhere near that caca cuisine route.

What a shame I’ve already bought the Seagull’s presents. And that, because she has a grim and humourless feminist for a mother, Barbies are banned from this house.

Other wonderful items for your child from Mattel this holiday season:

Poop eatin’ Barbie Dog Source: the always amazing Random Good Stuff

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