Oh the growl….

5 Dec

Another person’s playlist is often just as (if not more) revealing than a quick rifling through their wallet.

I have a new pod mate with whom I sit. We’re almost the dark side of the force in our little area. Let us call him the Curmudgeon, Jr. Naturally, I adore sitting with the Curmudgeon, Jr and feel as though we present a united, sarcastic piss-taking front.

He just loaned me a CD (compiled by a friend of his) in response to my request to fossick through his music collection. A collection of music so dark even I am shuddering.

You know, dark is one thing but there was one song that made me feel like I was listening to the belly rumblings of Cthulu. Literally, I threw the headphones off and shuddered, desperate to escape the noise. It was like ice cold drips of jelly rolling down your neck. I just found it terrifying and unnerving.

I knew the song – Love will tear us apart (yes, the ol Joy Division) but had no idea of the band. Pappa Curmudggiano (who is naturally senior to the Curmudgeon, Jr) identified the band as Gogol Bordello.

Given the Curmudgeon, Jr offered this to me (and he has a very limited music selection), I’m guessing he believes it’s the most interesting CD in his possession….that he listens to while he works.

Suddenly, I’m feeling more virginally optimistic than ever thought conceivable…and I used to listen to Industrial to help me sleep at night.

What music scares you? And what’s on your playlist?

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