Amoir 0 Smokes 1

12 Dec

For those of you placing money on this, yes, I folded.

But, I had a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally good excuse. No, seriously.

What’s that excuse? Well, it will eventually help me give up smoking properly. That is, impacted and infected wisdom teeth. And a belly filled with ingested nastiness from the infection plus a boltload of painkillers. Yes, I do lead a life filled with a stylish dervish of glamour. Stare in awe at the shimmer, people.

A quick visit to the dentist left me in no doubt that I cannot put this off as is my approach to most things in life (see, housecleaning, health, etc.), that it will impact (thangyew very much) my savings and that said dentist believe that Shane MacGowan and I are the bookends of brilliance in dentistry. It appears my Christmas will be spent in a rather drugged, desperate and dissociative state. Just like every other Catholic, then. But without having to trudge out at Midnight.

Signs some Australians just don’t get humour and nuance: The Daily Truth’s “Un-Australian of the Year 2006″. Read the comments for your RDI of cultural cringe.

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