Now that’s a special gift

16 Dec

Michel Gondry, Director par excellence, shows his other divine blessing: the ability to correct a Rubik’s cube. With his feet. (What I love the most? That he obviously does this so regularly that the people working around him just get on with their jobs. “Oh, that Michel doin’ the cube again. At least he’s not trying to assemble Mouse Trap with only a icypole stick rammed into his left ear.”)

It’s times like these when I realise that I am, quite obviously, a failure. Scratch that, I’m a magnificent failure. I’m reasonably talented as a writer, but not brilliant with narrative. An okay artist who should try more. Good singer, but not great. More a lucky photographer than one showing any talent. The jury’s still out on my dress sense and ability to dance & make conversation.

In fact, the minute anyone pays me a compliment my mind whirrs with anxiety, wondering when they will realise the error of their ways. Surely there will come a time when the jig is up, no?

Though, I do have one gift: the ability to avoid work of any description. Apartment needs cleaning? Well, it will have to wait until you’ve finished going through your RSS subscriptions. Report to write? Yes, eventually, but it’s lower in the queue than checking to see if your Flickr contacts have updated their photos. Book(s) to return to the Library? Possible after this nap.

I’ll get around to all of them, as soon as I’ve finished writing this blog post…

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