The funeral playlist and other songs of love and regret, pt 1.

19 Dec

We were talking this morning about how James Blunt has a lot to answer for, given every wedding for the next 12 months will feature “You’re Beautiful” and every funeral “Goodbye My Lover”.

Music can define and clarify your personality and emotions. Nothing can illustrate a person like a song. The two can become fixed in association, songs associated with a former love can lose their sheen and become despised, or hovered over obsessively as the final connection to someone long passed.

Case in point, and this is really hard to admit, but my love could easily be attained should someone sing “hunting high and low”. Unfortunately, I’m not kidding.

Amoir’s super happy fun funeral playlist

  • Heavenly Pop Hit, the Chills
    Because I hope if there is a heaven, it will look like this.
  • Love Song, the Cure.
    It’s just always reminded me of those who have passed. Then again, so does Ghost Town (though not for the obvious reasons).
  • Redemption Song, Joe Strummer
    We all wish for change and wish even stronger that we could be its champion. If I could ever show leadership (which I am far too solitary to ever do), this song would not be so wistful to hear…
  • Bloody Motherfucking Asshole, Martha Wainwright
    If I must be defined in a song, this is it.
  • Untitled, Interpol
    I’d like to think I’ll come back and haunt people. Why? Because I’m a complete sticky beak. This is a promise for those I know – “I will surprise you sometime, I’ll come around”.
  • Chicago, Sufjan Stevens
    If you’re the religious, specifically Christian, sort, this is the song to play.
  • Streets of Sorrow/Birmingham Six, the Pogues
    Just the first two opening verses. How that man can flip from saint to sinner with a flick against those wilting teeth of his still stuns me. Apparently he blogs for the Guardian. Genius.
  • Do you realise? Flaming Lips
    Transcending chorus, beautiful lyrics with a wee subversive twist. Surely this is the best way to farewell those you are leaving behind. Plus, if the others haven’t made them cry this will. And you need people crying over you when you die. And maybe dancing. Hopefully drunk.

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