The Seagull, still just like Robert Hughes

19 Dec

The weekend was actually quietly sensational. I treated the Seagull and the ex to the local Chinese restaurant that makes you swoon with its large servings of delectable treats. The Seagull is the cheapest of all dates and mooched chili chicken and scallops from our plates chugged down with an entire teapot of green tea. Yes, an entire pot. She wanted nothing else. This bodes well for our next yum cha session…

The rest was sadly Seagull-free so there were trips to restaurants with friends, impromptu birthday parties, sniffing out amazing vinyl, a good book and time mooching on the couch watching DVDs. Just one of those weekends where the time was perfectly metered out in both solitude and in the company of others.

Thankfully, she’s back again and back to burbling around the apartment and delighting in her surroundings. Currently she’s obsessed with three new prints, two of which are recent acquisitions from the always lovely Outre.

So far, all of them are a hit with her (and it’s a giggle listening to her saying “neekkive“), though it’s the Muslim woman who has captured her attention. She moons about in front of the picture telling me how beautiful the lady is and asking what she is doing.

I love this about her: she is so receptive and open to the world and all its fascinations. We’re heading into an amazing phase in our relationship with each other and our environment. I really never believed that it could be this wonderful – part of me feared she would not care for art, or reading or just traipsing about looking for wonder. But she does.

And she’s a marvel.

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