Guilty pleasures

21 Dec
  • Mr Shrew has distributed his annual “Praisin’ Baby Jesus: Hairy Moroccan Melodies” Christmas cd mix. Centrepiece of this is Ratcat’s “Don’t Go Now”. Am now diverted by the need to dance in my underwear. And download the rest of Ratcat’s back catalogue. And pine over Simon the lead singer who, though not Noah Taylor, is still one of the more persistant crushes of my adolescence.
  • Shrew. The beautiful Shrew. That lovely minx has started work where I am and it’s a total delight. Even more delightful? A bagload of festive diversions for me over the Christmas break.
  • I have a gigantic toblerone on my desk as a gift. God bless whoever it was who realised the way to my heart is through bulk delivery of calories.

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