Giving up smokes the Amoir way, pt 2

26 Dec

There are different ways to distract oneself from the pangs of nicotine withdrawal:

  • Screenin: many movies and episodes (Alien vs Predator, Lost, Torchwood, Kill Bill). Will probably head onto Shaun of the Dead next. Zombie and alien films are perfect for my purposes. Also have stockpile of Buffy on hand (will ensure to avoid the Anakinesque whining and existential crises).
  • Scarfin‘: having eaten everything of interest, I am now reduced to eating fruit. Mean organic fruit. What’s next? Water instead of tea? YOU MEAN BASTARDS! (am avoiding store because a) I would just buy my body weight in cheese and onion chips and b) buy more smokes)
  • Snoozin: sedation does take the edge of the rattier moments that can’t be fixed by…
  • Spring cleanin‘: the Seagull’s room shines. And has a new layout for maximum play efficiency. Don’t ask me why I put such thought into it. Or how the bookcase now has a activity grid organisation.
  • Snipin: two very adorable friends were nice to me. Even though I was a clawing and spitting guttersnipe, not unlike the gremlin adopted by Ned Flanders in the Simpsons. My friends are adorable. More so than me. I wonder if they have smokes…

I am thinking up so many compromises, negotiations and plans to keep on smoking. 48 hours until it’s out of my system for good.

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