Giving up smokes the Amoir way, pt 3

27 Dec

The final step is to run out in the crying wind and piercing rain to buy a pack of smokes and hungrily consume one while thrilling in the weather as you skulk down Batman Ave listening to “Turkish song of the Damned”.

Please note this is possibly the most joyous part of the whole entire fucking process.

The most joyous part for you: I promise to never mention giving up smoking again in this blog, even though much fun was had trying the Sunny von Bulow approach. I just cannot do it. Smoking is a part of me. Well that, and my alveoli are totally cruising for a bruising.

Reason # 29384729384729 I adore my friends: I went for a lovely walk with the Effusive Complimenter today and told her of my dream. Her response? “So tell me more about what I was wearing.” Apparently to appear in someone’s dream donning an Orwellian black and grey PVC nurse outfit makes her happy.

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