Late night shenanigans

30 Dec

There is nowt more thrilling than a late night visitor. There’s something so tantalisingly clandestine about it all, like a secret treat one hides from friends. Arriving in the thick of night, a guest comes offering diversions (and, as it happens, possibly perversions).

Last night/this morning it was another of those occasions where you inadvertently let off a beacon and, somehow, start alerting your brethren to you presence in the world. Just a small, quiet beep that softly rings in their ears. And my phones were swamped with text messages and calls from friends flung far and wide.

One was the delectable Schnootle. This woman is, without a doubt, a rare treat in the world. Why this woman has not been elevated to public worship is beyond me, mayhaps a sign that there is no justice in this world and, as the Purdy Jane says, “the general public? …meh, pack o’ cunts”. Every email a frenetic barrage of euphony, every phone call a languorous drawl of Mint Julep.

She tottered in around 1am after a series of evening phone calls (which gave me the motivation previously missing to clean the apartment) bearing whimsical shoes and gifts of books and films. All fabulous (and that must be pronounced with particular emphasis and luxury…drag out that f, linger your tongue on the vowels, for it was that damned faaaabulous).

We gathered at my table and flung books at each other while she stunned me into a state of envious stupefaction at just how well read she is, in part due to her ongoing work as a book reviewer, in part due to the fact she’s just fucking brilliant. Under a pall of thick smoke, we sipped ginger beer brewed by the lad who doesn’t get mentioned on this blog and vented spleens, hearts and everything else that should be covered by the Schadenfreude Times (for we would both co-edit that title). Topics of discussion: Russian prison tattoos (for I am devouring the second encyclopedic volume of that topic), the absence of brilliance in music, my predilection for Irish gents and the Marchesa Casati. Naturally, the Schnootle was perfectly able to drop in the most salient and fascinating of conversational tidbits.

Though she doesn’t know it yet, I am planning a writing project for the two of us to work on. Apt, given that she is the person I think about most when writing and feel motivates my best work.

Save your fireworks. With such friends and conversation to be had I cannot wait to see what 2007 brings and I can guarantee you it will outshine any spectacle in the sky.

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