The afterlife of events

2 Jan

If milestones in your life exist in the hereafter, what will it say about you? Just a question I’ve been pondering recently. Using your (or mine) first kiss as an example, some actually believe our milestones live on and, from my hazy understanding, the memory of that tryst becomes karma.

My first kiss, as far as I was concerned, came incredibly late. I was 14 and rather ratty from my discharge from hospital after an overdose (another long story for another time). I was awkward, masses of insane Helena Bonham-Carter-styled hair, rather skittish in a post-girls-school world and scratched by the fear I would die without ever kissing a boy, let alone have a boyfriend.

As befits many initiation rituals, my first kiss took place in water. We furtively hid in a corner while the neighbours left to farewell visitors. He reached close and told me to kiss him. With the naivete of the Catholic school girl I was, I pecked him on the cheek. The direction was repeated and thus began one of the best kisses of my life (one must have “kiss a Scorpio” on their to do list. Don’t argue, just do it.)

In a moment that still makes me shudder, the man in question was 26 years old. He looked like Michael Stipe circa Fables of the Reconstruction and I was woozily smitten every time we had met beforehand. But he was 12 years older, a drummer and, judging from anecdote and behaviour alone, an enthusiastic user of hard drugs. There were too many enticements to resist when the order came.

Naturally, when the sun returned so did his sanity and sobriety and he backtracked with alacrity. I’m not proud to admit it but yes, I did listen to Michael Bolton and thought of him. Oh bad songs and men are such a potent combination when hormones and chemicals agitate.

So what of my karma of kissing? And, observing through the bases that subsequently follow, what karma have I generated for myself in my more amorous moments? It’s far too big a question to answer in a blithe blog post but it is fascinating to think about notions of karma or cause and effect, especially when focused on single events.

One Response to “The afterlife of events”

  1. shparky January 3, 2007 at 12:28 am #

    Darl, I’d be concerned with my karma rating after listening to Michael Bolton…

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