The change is cool

7 Jan

Though this may mean nothing to most of you considering you lot are spread far and wide, today has seen the brief respite from a baked Melbourne and brought a cool blustery day to re-energise the senses.

I cannot convey strongly enough how I despise the heat. As a novelty when in a different country? Exhilarating. When it’s in my hometown and wears down upon me like a bucket of water on the Wicked Witch of the West? Hell. Unadulterated hell.

But now, tendrils of cool breeze tickle at my toes as the soft cry of wind rustles through the trees. Such indescribable joy to the senses. It should be noted that I get a touch excitable during such weather. Save your sunny days and languorous kisses on vivid green hills, I prefer mad embrace under more chaotic weather. In short, windy days get me giddy and thunderstorms bring out my inner succubus.

In other news, am beginning to try and plan the trip to Japan. On the list so far are Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Tokyo. Should anyone know of someone with a spare futon, do let me know (peskyfeminist[at] as I’m going to be travelling on a budget and those damn capsule hotels won’t admit women..

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