Why my morning rocked, a list by Amoir

9 Jan
  • I woke earlier than the alarm (aka the nemesis)
  • and actually realised I’m feeling happy and not anxious
  • even more so to look outside my bedroom and not seeing the other three horsemen of the Apocalypse (whooo! Ponies!)
  • padded about the house in my yukata
  • read about the long awaited iPhone
  • had a great time getting ready and taking the Seagull to childcare
  • talked my way out of a fine for not having a validated ticket (Amoir: 5, ticket inspectors: 0)
  • realised that yes, I am a style maven* when asked for my advice about bags from a complete stranger at the cafe
  • fabulous spot of banter with the latte lout who makes my brew
  • discovering this priceless gem from All My Children
  • now blissing out to the stylings of Arcade Fire

*say, do style mavens hang out in trakkies and refuse to thin out their tshirt collection?

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