Sharing lives

10 Jan

Though I have professed my annoyance with and general dislike of the general public, I do have my softer moments (yes, it’s natural to feel unnerved by this).

Since I was a child my mind would twirl at the thought that every time I passed a stranger on the street that they were unwittingly sharing a moment of their lives with me and anyone else who happened to walk by. My mind would visualise it like streams of coloured energy, gently nudging and merging against each other.

So what happens when we happen to chance upon a person’s life in a moment that is anything other than mundane or stellar? Is there a part of us that judges an entire life by a single action?

Case in point: while travelling on the bus, I like to scan the streets for action. And I saw a pedestrian also in a search for action. All the way into a brothel.

My first thought was “dumb bogan”. Immediately any passive disinterest jagged away into imagining a pathetically opportunistic existence of someone I didn’t know. Thoughts of a life of dulled expectation, of ignorance and disrespect. Oh that question of my being the morality police certainly did nip at my heels. Judgement can flicker out of me as quick as a lighter.

Fuck only knows what people might assume of me when I walk down the street…

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