Simple joys.

15 Jan

I am housebound and unplugged today as the gods have decided that electricity does not belong in an apartment impossible for electricians to locate.

It’s surprising how much I rely on electricity. My laptop’s Olsen-twin-esque battery quickly depletes. I don’t wake up without the alarm. And no interschminter. A wafer thin phone that goes into shock the moment anyone is called by means other than telepathy. And, hat holiest of relics, the electric kettle.

So, while waiting for Godot the electrician I decided a spot of tea was in order. I dug out THE kettle. An extravagant and late gift to celebrate something long broken from people who broke from me.

It’s a thing of wonder, this baby. A long desired item that swells at that can be swelled on a lass upon viewing. I set it (with a candle because the auto igniters required electricity) and sat down to read.

And then I heard it. A choir of wind and bellowing. It was almost euphoric how sweet that noise was. So much thought went into the design of this masterpiece, right down to the strong train whistle alerting you to a East Melbourne Tea Ceremony that beats anything in the entire world.

I tippied on high toes and squealed with joy. Nothing else mattered because there is always beauty, even in the most unlikely and mundane of places.

3 Responses to “Simple joys.”

  1. Kiki-went-to-tokoriki January 17, 2007 at 4:50 am #

    Why am I picturing Homer Simpson-style twittering on tippies and wiggling of fingers up by the face?And this: “My laptop’s Olsen-twin-esque battery quickly depletes” I will dine out on for days (‘scuse the pun), because it is sheer brilliance.

  2. Dilmah-Spark January 18, 2007 at 2:26 am #

    Does it have an old school style of whistle? I miss those old whistling kettles. Much prefer those over my current Dishhhhles style which has the polite little click when it finishes boiling. To which I always say, “grow some balls”.

  3. Amoir January 19, 2007 at 12:17 pm #

    I’ll have you know it hits the pitched notes of E and B. For the caffeinated, this is an ecclesiastical experience. I’d say I had to light a smoke afterwards but we all know that’s as much of a given as it is me striking fear into the heart of any tempura dish within 500 meters.

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