Mighty Girl Mondays

28 Jan

Every Monday, I’ll be selecting a topic from Maggie Mason’s book “No one cares what you had for lunch”. As the whimsically witty creator of Mighty Girl and Mighty Goods, it should surprise no one that she’s also a contributor to ReadyMade Magazine’s Blog and The Morning News.

Matthew Baldwin is also tackling this over at Defective Yeti but doing it in a far more creative way (though it plays on my love of lists, it plays against my love of sloth and torpor. Plus, I don’t have his traffic.)

Truly, the world would rotate more pleasingly if people would just stop driving cars. And when I rule the world as the only Supreme Being to require a pack of smokes and hair-straightening irons as alms, it will be so.

Sure, there are many benefits to this. Like, the environment….and stuff. Plus, with the exception of Rover P6s, Karman Ghias and the Citroen SM, most cars are incredibly ugly. But I cannot be a deceptive supreme being and must admit the truth. I can’t drive a car and am too scared of cars to ride the superlatively fabulous Smoke in daily traffic. Plus, I’m just a little bit uncoordinated. But you will overlook that considering I am your Supreme Being, k?

Naturally, the only solution to this is for people to stop driving cars altogether.

I may also issue a decree about that whole leggings under skirts thing but I am a busy Supreme Being with many medical dramas to watch .

2 Responses to “Mighty Girl Mondays”

  1. lazy_sparko February 1, 2007 at 2:22 am #

    Can you please ban sport?

  2. Amoir February 1, 2007 at 2:25 am #

    I could but wouldn’t you rather I tackle the growing threat of leggings and ballet shoes?By the way, you owe me a pack of smoke in alms. I’m just saying is all…

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