C’est genius

1 Feb

This is my 200th blog post.

Many have pondered via email what are the thought processes and rituals leading up to a post. Wonder no more:

If you enjoy this blog, feel free to check out the ones linked below. Unlike mine, many of the blogs listed below actually feature complete thoughts and sentences. Scarily, two of the below blogs have actually mentioned Cthulhu recently.

Maggie Mason – Mighty Girl
Heather B Armstrong – Dooce
Adam Ford – MonkeyPunchDinosaur
Matthew Baldwin – Defective Yeti
Ms Fitz – Reasons You Will Hate Me
Occasional, nay perpetual, lust object Patrick Hughes – Bad News Hughes

One Response to “C’est genius”

  1. Anzac February 2, 2007 at 11:03 am #

    C’est genius indeed! Congratulations on this milestone, and many happy cattles of fish to you, dear Amoir.You must get thee to Bad News Hughes. I think he even used the word ‘pesky’ in an entry. This union is sure to made in goblin campfire light, with much showing off of scars and body art and dancin’ gleefully on hot ashes.

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