seeing amoir in your dream

5 Feb

Someone came to this blog with the search term “seeing amoir in your dream” via google.

Do they mean an armoire or am I just randomly popping up in people’s dreams? Seriously, I hope I’m not lurking the in the subconscious of anyone. Mainly because it will make for neurotic dreams, like rearranging your LP collection by band and then by label, sitting on a teetering stack of chairs while pleasure-boating or being completely naked, blue and with tentacles for hair.*

What would it mean if you saw Amoir in your dreams? Actually, forget about dreaming of me (no, seriously) what would it mean if you’re dreaming about cupboards but can’t spell their lovely French appelation?

*apparently all real dreams.
* edited to add I received the following text message from the Goddess after posting the above: “Dreamt of you last night – you were in pink patent stilettos with ankle sox, also pink. And a goth girl fringe. And smoking a fat cuban.” This would
indicate I also appear as a madeover ZZ Top girl.

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