Things to love: rain

3 Mar

Yesterday the Seagull and I got caught in the rain. Naturally, the only way to celebrate this is to scream and dance about in the rain with our friends. Thankfully, our friends were most obliging.

It was proper summer rain, too. None of this thin misting malarkey. Thick, fat droplets that dappled with a pleasing thud and warmly bounced off your face. Thunder and lightening flirting about.

Later, we jumped in puddles all the way down Russell before decamping at Pellegrinis for granita.

Tell me, how can you resist the allure of rain? How can you scarper away from its caress? Even if it is cold, I’m unable to supress a trill of excitement when it begins to rain. One night many years ago I was walking down Swan Street with a scarf wrapped around my face as rain flew at me and nearly pierced my skin it was so sharp and cold. Utter bliss.

How I love Melbourne. Forget the suburbs, forget the outer ring of inner-city. It’s that 2km perimeter of the CBD that just enchants and heals. I cannot leave no matter the allure of cheaper rent. So, we’ll continue our charmed (though taxing) existence at Palazzo del Polo Shirt and wait for a little beacon, as always.

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