Things I will do to avoid work: another list by Amoir

14 Mar

As a committed go-getter who eschews distraction while trying to grab brass rings, break through glass ceilings and kick goals, it may surprise people to discover once again tenacity arises solely to stop me from doing the work I brought home tonight now that the Seagull is with her father.

Things you can do at home to avoid working:

  • Decide it’s been far too long since you’ve listened to “Hazy Shade of Winter” and decide to salute both the Bangles and Less Than Zero by dancing to it repeatedly in your underwear.
  • Watch Extreme Makeover. It’s part freak show and part dream. Plus I get to watch medical procedures and laugh at people.
  • Lay starfish-style on the floor and had a delicious smoke
  • Ignored housework, but certainly gave it due thought.
  • Danced like a fiend to Black Flag, the perfect antidote to Bangles-inspired mayhem. Also in underwear.
  • Ponder why the best dancing happens in your underwear and an empty apartment.
  • Become thwarted by new mobile phone.
  • Spread my trademarked love (which can and does cure all illnesses as well as replenish the dwindling cute baby panda stocks worldwide) via email.

What wasn’t there? Er, it’s coming, I swear. No really.

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