Things to love: the Seagull

24 Mar

  • She has an imaginary friend.
  • She fakes medical ailments in an attempt to convince you she needs a lolly.
  • She negotiates everything.
  • She refused to come out and chat with a guest today, preferring instead to lounge in bed reading books.
  • We apparently visit space regularly. Just her and I.
  • When I brush her hair she shows me “the hand” and decrees “just BE careful”
  • She will only brush her teeth if “A Tisket A Tasket” is playing.
  • She owns a zoo but the animals are too noisy.
  • She also apparently bought me everything in the house.
  • She made up the following song: “when you’re sad. Cuddle. Sorry”.

This is our last access round before I head off. It’s going to be strange to be apart for so long.

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