Things to love: not speaking a scrap of Japanese

2 Apr

Honestly, there’s nothing more liberating and funny than standing in downtown Osaka (I’m near Shin-Sekai which is truly craptastically fantastic!) and not speaking a scrap of Japanese. This is a revelation to me: I can’t converse, only smile or giggle.

There’s no pressure when you’re essentially mute. No witticisms to employ, no politics to navigate. The lack of language makes you a nicer person. You just smile and enjoy the basics of physical cues; smiling, falling over, etc.

Though, having said that, my vocab has built somewhat:
Wakarimasen – Lady, I’ve no freakin’ idea what you’re talking about.

Tabako o suimas – Allow me to celebrate your wonderful cigarette vending machines and smoke like a dragon.

Sugoy – Fantastic. I walked down the street with my fly undone.

I have become obsessed with Osaka and will use it as my base for the rest of the week. I am obviously a failed traveller and cannot bear to have too many different beds. But Zombie hotel is cheap, even if they do try and make me change into a different pair of slippers for every single room.

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