1 tourist attraction, 3 unsolicitored attempts for fellow travellers to take my photo

5 Apr
At FushimiInaritaisha (where, the more learned among us may say, I spazzed out with glee)

Bless her, she focused.

The man who took this also had a DSLR. And, unlike me, all the trimmings. And yet we have this….

I have no idea who this lovely old lady was but she would not stop having a laugh and a chat or let me walk away without having my photo taken. In front of a shed. I think she was just shocked to see a gaijin away from the path. That or my jowls were hypnotising her.

Mind you, the attempts at myspaceposing don’t fare that much better…..

Note to self: lip gloss is your friend. So is the sun. Is it any wonder the little Japanese babies won’t smile at me on the train?

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