Things I never want to forget, part deux

9 Apr
  • Watching the sun set over the Shibuya intersection
  • Pondering which the faux-metaller loved more: his mullet or his leather jacket autographed by Ace Frehley
  • The near religious experience felt upon entering Muji. I groped, yes, groped, a cushion in there.
  • Window shopping in Prada. Because never again will I have the gumption to pretend a) I can afford those clothes and b) I can actually fit into those clothes.
  • The look you get from photographing graffiti or — worse! — stickers

Updates are rather sporadic this week as I`m staying with friends in Nakano-Ku who expect me home at a certain time and make conversation. This is incredibly naive of them, given they have no idea yet the unpredictable nature of `Conversations with Amoir`. The first conversation started with `so I was walking around downtown Osaka trying to find a Hello Kitty bondage room at a Love Hotel` and ended with `I like graffiti`. My hosts are fans of neither.

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